Water Gage

for smoothing water surface with height-adjustable, adjustable tripod.

Diameter of tube

90 mm

Height 215 mm

Weight 0.4 kg

Order no. 6.005/1

Measuring Micrometer

for exact determination of water or evaporation height in combination with the water gage.

Measuring Micrometer


175 mm


0.4 kg

Order no. 6.005/2

Floating thermometer

for measuring water temperature with max.min. values. Complete with float and anchor.

Measuring range

0 up to +80°C

Graduation 1/2°C

Weight 0.5 kg

Measures 140 x 340 x 40 mm

Order no. 6.005/3

Evaporation tank

made of VA material for determining evaporation height


1206.5 x 254 mm

Weight 18 kg

Order no. 6.005