Hellmann Rain Gage (Pluviometer)

DIN 58666C, 200 square centimeters collecting area. The instrument is made of stainless steel and consists of: 1 upper part with limiter ring, 1 lower part, 1 collecting can, 1 holder,
1 precipitation measuring vessel DIN 58667B, 0-10 mm, scaled in 1/10 mm precipitation height.

Precipitation recorder

Measures Diameter 190 mm, height 445 mm

Weight approx. 3.1 kg

Order no. 5.001/1

Hellmann Precipitation Recorder

for continuous recording of precipitation, consisting of: stainless steel collecting funnel with limiter ring, hot galvanized sheet metal case, finished in light grey. The floating measurement system would drain independently after every 10 mm of precipitation height. Recording is made on a clockwork drum with fiber pen. In this case, 10 mm precipitation would correspond with 80 mm writing height on the drum. Graduation of paper is 1/10 mm, drum feed 2.29 mm/h at 7 days revolution, 16 mm/h at 24 hours revolution.

Wind speed sensor

Drum revolution

see below


133 x 93 mm

Collecting area

200 square centimeters

Accessories 1 collecting can (5 l content)
1 lid
1 measuring vessel DIN 58667B
1 spare siphon pipe
1 set recording strips (100 sheets)
1 spare fiber pen

Roof diameter 375 mm
Case diameter 240 mm
Case height approx. 1,000 mm

Weight approx. 14 kg

Order no.
5.002/1 Precipitation recorder 24 hour recording
5.002/TRS1 Spare recording strips for 24 hours (100 sheets)
5.002/2 Precipitation recorder 7 days recording
5.002/TRS2 Spare recording strips for 7 days (100 sheets)

Hellmann Precipitation Recorder

as no. 5.002 but with band recording registration, operating time 31 days, with winding by hand. Recording is effected using a fiber pen, collecting can content approx. 8 l.

Precipitation recorder


Roof diameter

490 mm

Case diameter 385 mm
Case height approx. 1,000 mm

Weight approx. 18 kg

Order no.
5.003/1 Precipitation recorder feed 10 mm/h
5.003/BRS1 Spare recorder rolls (12 pieces) for 10 mm feed
5.003/2 Precipitation recorder
5.003/BRS2 Spare recorder rolls (12 pieces) for 20 mm feed

Heating for 5.002 and 5.003

Heating for above-mentioned precipitation recorder with transformer. Heating is required for operating the precipitation recorders in frosty weather.

Supply voltage Primary 230 V, 50 Hz
Secondary 42 V, 50 Hz

Heating power 125 VA

Order no. 5.002/H or 5.003/H respectively

Funnel heating for instruments 5.002 or 5.003 are available upon request.

Precipitation Transmitter

The stainless steel precipitation measuring sensor serves for continuous measurement of precipitation quantity both in rain and ice form (when fitted with heating). The instrument consists of a lower flange part and the removable Hellman rain gage as upper part of the case. The flange accommodates tank, rocker with Reed switch and heating (optional). Precipitation measuring is performed through a defined measuring opening of 200 square centimeters and filling of the rocker measuring chambers. When a rocker measuring chamber reaches a water volume of 2 cubic centimeters the starting tilt process will trigger a switching pulse. One switching pulse will correspond to 0.1 mm precipitation height. A suitable stand is available for setting up the instrument.

Output Reed contact
max. switching capacity 12 VA

Collecting opening 200 square centimeters

Resolution 0.1 mm



190 mm

Height 455 mm

Weight approx. 4 kg

Order no.
5.005 Precipitation transmitter
5.005/H Electrical heating for above-mentioned precipitation transmitter, 100 W heating power
5.005/SF Stand, hot galvanized, height 0.6 m