Digital Barometer

for measuring atmospheric pressure. The measuring element is represented by a temperature-compensated aneroid box. Its pressure-dependent axial movement is sensed by means of an inductive displacement pick up and a high-grade, temperature-compensated electronic unit. Display is a 4-digit, red LED display with hPa reading. In addition to the display an analog output available.

Measuring range

840 up to 1100 hP
Calibration error +/- 1 hPa
can be mechanically reduced allowing for altitudes spanning from 0 to 1500 m above sea level
+/- 0.75 hPa in the measuring range

Supply voltage

230 V 50 Hz; 4 VA (internal 5 V and 24 V stabilized)

Ambient temperature

-10 up to +60°C

Control panel bay, dimensions 98 x 98 x 110 mm deep

Accessories stabilized plug-in power supply (also available as built-in type, order addition "E")
Above digital barometer also available with printer output.

Output +/- 5 V corresponding to +/- 50 hPa (1013 hPa corresponding to 0 V, instrument scaled down to sea level)

Order no. 1.007


for recording atmospheric pressure. Pressure deviations are sensed by an eight-pieces temperature-compensated aneroid box and recorded on the drum through a pointer mechanism. The case is made of white coated aluminum die casting and removable upper part with crystal-clear Macrolon panoramic hood. All parts have been manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials.


Measuring range

106.7 hPa

Accuracy limit

+/- 1,5% from measurement span

Rotation of drum (on model with mechanical clockwork): 1 x in 1 day
1 x in 7 days
(selectively adjustable)

Rotation of drum (on model with electronic clockwork): 1 x in 1 day
1 x in 7 days
1 x in 31 days
(selectively adjustable)

Drum measurements Diameter 93.3 mm, height 93 mm

Recording with fiber pen
Writing height
82 mm

Feed 1.67 mm, at 24 hours rotation 11.5 mm/h

Accessories 1 set recording strips (100 sheets)
1 spare fiber pen

Measures 280 x 138 x 180 mm

Weight 2.5 kg

Order no.
1.008 Barograph with mechanical clockwork (state positioning height when ordering)
1.008/E Barograph with electronic clockwork (state positioning height when ordering)

1.008/STB Spare recording strips 100 sheets, paper graduation in hPa, measuring range 945-1052 mb/h Pa (further paper graduations upon request)

Note: Paper graduation in mm Hg only available as remainder of stock upon request.