Sunshine Autograph

according to Campell Stokes, for independent recording of sunshine duration in northern and southern equatorial zones from 0 to 40° and 25 to 60° respectively. The instrument consists of corrosion-resistant gunmetal brass, hammer dimple enamel finish, with high-grade polished glass ball. Sun radiation onto the glass ball effects focus on the opposite side. Due to high temperature at focus center, the sun position is burnt unto heat-sensitive paper with time graduation. A circular bubble is located on the base plate allowing exact adjustment of the instrument.

Instrument approx. 205 x 185 x 245 mm
Glass ball diameter 96 mm

Weight 5 kg


1 set of recording strips (280 pieces for summer and winter and 100 pieces for spring/fall)

Order no.
7.004 Sunshine Autograph 0-40°
7.004/2 Spare recording strips (1 set has 380 pieces for 0-40°)
7.004/3 Sunshine Autograph 25-60°
7.004/4 Spare recording strips (1 set has 380 pieces for 25-60°)


for recording radiation intensity and sunshine duration. Black/white enameled bimetals serve as temperature-compensated measuring elements. Deflections of these bimetals are recorded on the drum through the pointer mechanism. The case is made of wether-resistant, white coated aluminum die casting and removable upper part with Macrolon panoramic hood. A glass dome is built into the upper part covering the measuring elements below.

Measuring range

0-1300 W/square meter

Spectral range

0.3 to 3 µm

Writing width

50 mm

Drum revolution 7 days

Measures 280 x 138 x 240 mm

Weight 2.8 kg


1 set of spare recording strips (100 sheets)
1 Spare fiber pen

Order no.
7.007 Actinograph
7.007/AC8 Spare recording strips (100 sheets, 0-8 Joule)
7.007/AC2 Spare recording strips (100 sheets, 0-2 calories)
7.007/3 1 spare fiber pen