Peak Thermometer

on tripod with holder and burette pincers.

Peak thermometer

Peak therometer with Hg filling, meas. range:

-30 up to +50°C

Minimum thermometer with aclkohol filling
and sliding rod, meas. range:

-40 up to +40°C

both thermometers can be calibrated

Accuracy limit +/- 0.2°C

Weight approx. 1.1 kg

Spare maximum thermometer DIN 58654 meas. range: -30 to +50°C,
Graduation: 1/2°C, length: 290 mm, diameter: 18 mm, weight: 0.8 kg

Spare minimum thermometer acc DIN 58654, meas. range: -40 to +40 °C,
Graduation: 1/2°C, length: 290 mm, diameter: 18 mm, weight: 0.08 kg.
Other measuring ranges and 1/5 °C graduation available upon request.

Holder for peak thermometer, can also be used in weather house,
weight approx. 0.15 kg

Ring stand for peak thermometer, weight approx. 0.95 kg.

Order no.
2.001 Peak thermometer
2.001/1 Spare maximum thermometer
2.001/2 Spare minimum thermometer
2.001/3 Holder for peak thermometer
2.001/4 Ring stand for peak thermometer

Earth's Surface Minimum Thermometer

with alcohol filling and sliding rod, complete with thermometer holder, ground rod and protection screen.

Earth's Surface Minimum Thermometer

Measuring height

adjustable from 2 to 12 cm

Measuring range

-40 up to +40°C

Graduation 1/2°C

Weight 0.8 kg

Order no. 2.002


for recording ambient temperature. Temperature sensor is a high-grade bimetal that is recording temperatures on the drum through a pointer mechanism. The case is made of white coated aluminum die casting and removable upper part with crystal-clear Macrolon panoramic hood. All parts have been manufactures from corrosion-resistant materials.


Measuring range

see below

Accuracy limit

+/- 1,5% from measurement span

Rotation of drum (on model with mechanical clockwork): 1 x in 1 day
1 x in 7 days
(selectively adjustable)

Rotation of drum (on model with electronic clockwork): 1 x in 1 day
1 x in 7 days
1 x in 31 days
(selectively adjustable)

Drum measurements Diameter 93.3 mm, height 93 mm

Recording with fiber pen,
Writing height
82 mm

Feed 1.67 mm, at 24 hours rotation 11.5 mm/h

Accessories 1 set recording strips (100 sheets)
1 spare fiber pen

Equipment dimensions 280 x 138 x 180 mm

Weight approx. 2.5 kg

Order no Measuring range in °C
2.013/1 -35 to +45
2.013/2 -20 to +60
2.013/3 0 to +80
2.013/4 0 to +40
2.013/5 -10 to +50

When ordering electronic clockwork, use order addition "E"

2.013/ST Spare recording strips (state order no.).