Introducing Environment Measuring Station DAS-16 as one of our production highlights. This is a state-of-the-art installation that has been proven owing to continuous further development and serves to automatically collecting up to 16 measuring values. The standard version is designed for measuring and acquisition of:

  • Temperature
  • Ground surface temperature
  • Relative air humidity
  • Wind speed
  • Precipitation and
    sun radiation

following the guidelines of Deutscher Wetterdienst. The environmental measuring station can be built according to respective customer demands.

The automatic environment measuring station is employed in a variety of fields, such as:

  • Environmental protection
  • Climatic control
  • Climatic conditions at resorts
  • Agriculture and forest industry
  • Weather services
  • Ecology
  • Industry and science

The measurement values are acquired through the respective sensors, then are calibrated in the transducer and digitized at second's cycles and stored temporarily. The data averaged every 10 minutes are stored in a battery-buffered memory. Data transfer to the evaluation PC is made either directly via the interface, by modem or wireless modem through telephone links or by interchanging the memory that can be read out through an interface. The data in ASCII format is represented graphically and numerically through evaluation program METEODAT

The measuring instrument setup consists of following function groups:

  • Transmitters and sensors
  • Transducer
  • Data collector
  • Evaluating computer
  • Evaluation software METEODAT
    as well as masts, with cross bars, extensions and adapters

  • 16 Input channels (mixed analog or digital)
  • 16 bit data format of all analog signals
  • All input channels lightening protected
  • Battery-backed data memory from 128 KB to 2 MB storage capacity
  • Plug-in type data memory for data transfer to evaluation